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Ways to make your websites/web pages SEO friendly

In technology powered era, brand promotion is taking a new face, it is moving closer to web and online communications. In such a scenario, your website should be search engine friendly. Now, you must be wondering what ‘search engine friendly’ means?

‘Search Engine Optimization’ popularly known as SEO in the industry, focuses on keywords, which are fundamental to the search process. For instance, a person looking for a rented accommodation will use the following keywords or phrase: PG accommodation in Delhi, flat on rent in Delhi and so on. So, to make your website/page appear in top ranks in the search, it is essential to use these words in the content.

Here are a few ways to make your website/page SEO friendly.

Appropriate Keywords

On-Page Optimization

Brand Promotion

Quality Content

Get started, improve the content of your website and let your page be ranked higher than yesterday.